"Party Pills"

I cannot believe that a country that is presumably so regulated actually allows this shit to be sold.  First that they are available, and second that they are distributed  through the channels of specific shops and 24-hour groceries.
I think these are stimulants, I have no idea and I have no interest in trying.  They purport to have an active ingredient of "BZT" and 'other herbal' components. 
They are not found in pharmacies, but in little shithole storefronts in crappy (for NZ) parts of town.  Some of the shops in Ch-Ch seem  to sell only these pills, and nothing else.  Which means the margins on the things must be huge.  The official story is that they are manufactured in NZ, and that there is some element of monitoring going on.   It's only a matter of time until some shop starts selling pills made in china (because they can buyee  cheapee and selly for a biggy malgin, just like Walmart) but they are filled with dogshit or something. Then some kids will die on the sidewalk, and there'll be a big fuss in the papers, and everybody will ask why weren't these pills regulated.  meanwhile the owner of the shop will have flown back to Singapore, which hangs people for smuggling drugs into Singapore, but is happy to harbor fugitives. 
I mean, who the fuck would eat something that is marketed as leprechaun shit? More astonishing is the fact that someone actually thought this would be a feasible branding scheme.   Oh, and as if anyone believes that the "only sold to people over 18" (that's what the R18 box in the lower left corner means) is ever enforced.  Usually it's poor Mrs Kwang Bok Choong Chong (who's gonna get the shit beat out of her if the shop does not rake in enough cash) who's working behind the counter. As if she really cares. 



This is ripe for a huge blow-up.    It just takes a few cases such as:
  1. some kids croaking from taking stuff that was not manufactured to any semblance of a pharmaceutical standard
  2. a couple of murders(next to unheard of in NZ) over turf / market share; given the margins and amounts of cash involved, it's just a matter of time.
  3. money laundering (since  95% of the sales are cash transactions to 16 year olds spending their allowance........)
  4. discovery that the stuff is manufactured offshore and not in NZ as represented
There are the precursor articles in the various papers already, but it's tame investigative reporting, like the neighbors promise to boycott the corner dairy (like a bodega) because they dairy sells the shit.  I wonder if the NZ press has the balls to uncover what's really going on here.  Or for how long will they sidestep the issue because, "we don't have problems and corruption like this in New Zealand."
They sell pot plants in the supermarkets.  This was in the Woolworth's in Rotorua.