Every town plaza, schoolyard, library, and just about any other public space was blessed/gifted/cursed with a statue of some notable of the Soviet era, be it Lenin or Stalin, or any other of their cast of personalities.  After the events of 1992, many of these statues were smashed or melted, or tossed in the river.  Someone had the idea to salvage some of the statues and save them in a Moscow sculpture park.   The guide kept referring to the park as a 'park of fallen idols'.    So,  I was expecting a park devoted solely to various renditions of Lenin and Brezhnev, etc.    It turned out to be a rather interesting park in and of its own right, with some interesting works that had nothing to do with the old grey leaders of the Soviet Union.   
I thought this was hot.
Three Lenins
you can see where this Lenin was broken, just above the hands. They did a pretty good job of patching Humpty back together again.   In the background was some sort of monument to the glories of the Soviet Union. 
This Stalin was toppled, and the face was damaged.
A wall of stone faces, imprisoned behind bars, behind Stalin.  The barbed wire and industrial lamps reinforce the bleak aspect of the installation.